My Teaching Philosophy

I love learning. I have a hard time comprehending people who don't like learning new things. I have plans for far more projects than I'll ever be able to complete in my lifetime so when someone says they are BORED - I really don't get it.

According to the Bible, we are created in the image of God. One aspect of that likeness that stands out to me is creativity. I love creating things - physically and on the computer. Whether I create a graphic, computer program, or website, I often leave it displayed on the monitor so I can stand back and admire it. Even God, at the end of each day of the creation week, looked over what He had created and admired His work.

What does any of that have to do with my approach to education?

I believe education is fun, exciting, self-rewarding!

I work really hard to present topics in a logical sequence, explain things clearly and thoroughly, and provide examples and exercises that will be interesting to students.

I love it when light bulbs start going off - and students begin to see how to use the computer skills and logic they are learning to create things that they are interested in. I've had students tell me they spent hours on an assignment - not because they had to - because they wanted to! They got wrapped up in it and just couldn't stop. I enjoy helping students become creators rather than merely passive consumers of technology.

My goal in teaching is to provide a SPARK that ignites the fire for the love of learning!