Graphic Design With GIMP

Course Description

Creating computer graphics is fun! It's also a useful skill in today's world. This course covers the tools and concepts that are common to virtually all graphics programs. Students will use GIMP, the most powerful and popular FREE graphics software. It has many of the same features as Photoshop, but without the price tag! GIMP runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

The course is very hands-on. When a skill is demonstrated in the video, students should pause the lesson and practice until they can perform the same operation. The videos are available for download or for viewing online. You may use the course for your entire family, just don't share it with others. I need to make a living too! 

The suggested age range is 12 and up, however younger students with good computer skills, or who have the help of someone older, may enjoy the course as well.

Free Sample Lesson

Course Price

$40 includes the set of 43 videos (7 hours of instruction). The videos may be downloaded and/or viewed online. A set of sample public domain image files and a pdf file listing video topics with a session completion checklist are also provided.

Contact me after the Vimeo purchase to receive links to the course sample files.

Course Outline

  • 1a How to Install GIMP on a Windows PC or
  • 1b How to Install GIMP on a Mac PC
  • 2 GIMP Software Overview and Layout
  • 3 Using the Paintbrush and Saving Files
  • 4 Painting an Outlined Image Using Layers
  • 5 Layers, Tigers, and Bears – Oh My!
  • 6 Fill Layers
  • 7 Fill Shapes
  • 8 Image Transform Tools
  • 9 Crop and Scale, Create Montage
  • 10 Image Formats and Exporting Files
  • 11 Styling Text
  • 12 Text Image Project
  • 13 Filling and Outlining Text
  • 14 Font Usage, Installing Fonts
  • 15 Toy Train Font, Font to Image
  • 16 Text Cutout Project pt. 1
  • 17 Text Cutout Project pt. 2
  • 18 Selections Using the Rectangle and Ellipse Tools
  • 19 Selections Using the Lasso Tool, Channels
  • 20 Selections Using the Fuzzy and Color Select Tools
  • 21 Selections Using the Intelligent Scissors Tool
  • 22 Selections Using the Foreground Select Tool
  • 23 Selections Project
  • 24 Iwarp Filter
  • 25 Create an Animated GIF
  • 26 Quick Mask
  • 27 Photos Curves and Levels for Exposure Correction
  • 28 Photos Blur and Sharpen
  • 29 Photos Color Correction and Layer Blending Modes
  • 30 Photos Healing Tool, Red Eye, Dodge, Burn, etc.
  • 31 Photos Filters
  • 32 Color Selector Dialog
  • 33 Layer Masks
  • 34 Layer Mask Examples
  • 35 Layer Masks Composite Image
  • 36 Clone Tool
  • 37 Paths Tool (Pen) Basics
  • 38 Paths Tool (Pen) Selections
  • 39 Paths Tool (Pen) Drawing
  • 40 Other Tools
  • 41 Other Menu Items
  • 42 Final Project – Magazine Cover and Pages
  • 43 Tips and Troubleshooting Video