Python Programming I Video Course

Course Description

Learn computer programming using python with this detailed, instructional video course. Python is becoming one of the most popular programming languages for high school and college introductory programming classes. Its simple syntax and streamlined editing environment make it one of the easiest languages for aspiring programmers to begin with. Python is a traditional, text-based language that runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Raspberry Pi systems. * Windows computers must use a more recent operating system than xp.

No previous programming knowledge is required on the part of the student or the parents. Students will be introduced gradually to each of the "tools" of the python language through 40 detailed instructional videos. At the end of each session, I include a skills summary - a list of topics and techniques the student should be familiar with from that lesson.

When there is a programming assignment, I will demo the operation of that program after giving the assignment. The course includes 15 programming assignments. Fifteen additional videos are provided that walk the students through the solutions, explaining the programming code used for each assignment. These should only be viewed after the student has written their own program for the assignment.

The basic concepts and structures of any programming language are quite similar so everything learned in this course will make learning any other programming language much easier. For students who want to continue with python, advanced programming concepts will be covered in the Python Programming II course.

The videos are available for download for those who prefer having offline access. They may also be viewed online via Vimeo. You may use the course for your entire family, just don't share it with others. The suggested age range is 12 to 14 and up.

Free Sample Lesson

Course Price

$45 includes the set of 55 videos (40 instructional and 15 program assignment solutions for eight and a half hours of instruction). The videos may be downloaded and/or viewed online. A pdf file listing video topics with a session completion checklist, and an assignment summary pdf are also provided.

Contact me after the Vimeo purchase to receive links to the course sample files.

Course Outline

  • 1 Install python and the Wing IDE
  • 2 How to Use the Wing IDE
  • 3 Variables, ming Rules, Types, Print, Concatetion
  • 4 Variable Type, Input, Conversions
  • 5 If Statement, Indenting Code Blocks
  • 6 Boolean Logic
  • 7 Compound If With And & Or
  • 8 Nested If Statements
  • 9 Math Precedence
  • 10 Boolean Precedence
  • 11 Lists 1
  • 12 For Loops
  • 13 For Loops pt. 2
  • 14 Additional List Operations
  • 15 Additional List Operations
  • 16 Additional List Operations
  • 17 Nested For Loops
  • 18 Random Numbers
  • 19 More on Strings
  • 20 While Loops - Usage and construction
  • 21 While Loops - Using boolean variables
  • 22 While Loops - Simulated race
  • 23 Functions - Define and call
  • 24 Functions - Passing arguments
  • 25 Functions - Returning values
  • 26 Functions - Named and default arguments
  • 27 Functions - Jumbled word program
  • 28 Functions - Assignment
  • 29 Functions - Variable scope, global and local variables
  • 30 Functions - Assignment
  • 31 Tic Tac Toe - Overview
  • 32 Tic Tac Toe - Display instructions and game board
  • 33 Tic Tac Toe - Get the player’s move
  • 34 Tic Tac Toe - Player game loop
  • 35 Tic Tac Toe - Preliminary computer move
  • 36 Tic Tac Toe - Checking for a win or a tie
  • 37 Tic Tac Toe - Improve the computer’s playing logic
  • 38 Tic Tac Toe - Improve the computer’s playing logic version 2
  • 39 Tic Tac Toe - Play multiple rounds, scoring
  • 40 Conclusion - What to expect in part two of the course

List of Assignments

Each assignment is designed to provide practice for the programming tools and techniques covered in the video session. In addition to these assignments, the students are encouraged to practice all the concepts covered in the videos until they are understood thoroughly.

  • Assignment 01: Input, calculation, and print
  • Assignment 02: If statements for 4 problems
  • Assignment 03: 4 practice problems with compound if statements
  • Assignment 04: Branching adventure story using nested if statements
  • Assignment 05: Simple Math Calculator
  • Assignment 06: Intro to Lists
  • Assignment 07: Student Test Scores
  • Assignment 08: Madlib
  • Assignment 09: High Scores
  • Assignment 10: Random Sentences
  • Assignment 11: Pig Latin
  • Assignment 12: Simulated Race or Contest
  • Assignment 13: Tip Calculator with a Function
  • Assignment 14: Dog-Human Age Calculator
  • Assignment 15: Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • The last ten sessions of the course cover the progressive development of the code logic and data structures for a text-based Tic Tac Toe game. Code files are provided for the student to follow along as the programs are discussed in the videos.