How Do the Video Courses Work?

Thanks for your interest in my video courses. I believe the self-paced videos are a highly effective way to learn! I enjoy making complex computer topics understandable.

Once you've selected a course to purchase, click the Buy on Vimeo On Demand button, found on each course page. (sample button below)

Why buy from Vimeo?

Hosting large amounts of video is costly. Vimeo provides a cost-effective solution, helping me keep the price of the courses as low as possible. But, more importantly, it provides you with the ability to view the videos online on about any device and/or download them to your computer. (There will not be any ads when you view the videos online.)

Purchase on USB flash drive.

If you prefer not to use Vimeo, I will have an option to purchase an entire course on a USB thumb drive that will be mailed to you. The price will be higher to cover the cost of the device and shipping. This option will allow you to avoid the internet altogether. The required software, videos, and sample files will all be contained on the drive.

Download Sample Files

Contact me after you've purchased a course, and I will send you links to download the sample files.

Thanks! Please contact me also if you have any questions about the purchase process, course content, etc.

(Sample of what a course page looks like on Vimeo)