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inkscape tutorials and training

Master Inkscape's Vector Graphics With This New Course

Inkscape Adventure Into Vector Graphics is the second computer graphics course in a series I have planned. Inkscape is a vector graphics program and


What is the Best Graphics Software?

Have you ever wondered what the best graphics software is? My answer - it depends. Computer graphics programs are generally created to work with


microsoft word alternatives

8 Free Microsoft Word Alternatives

I use a lot of software, and as a programmer myself, I totally understand the need for programmers to make a living from their work. But, I don't


greatest artist of all time

The Greatest Artist of All Time

This isn't a post so much about technology as about creativity - and its ultimate source. When personal computers were first becoming popular -


Do you have to be a homeschooled student to take Homeschool Spark courses? 

No, of course not, but I was a homeschooling mom for seventeen years. Once a homeschooler, always a homeschooler, I guess.

I love the homeschool community and the concept behind homeschooling and self-directed learning. I created these courses to provide quality video courses on software, programming, computer graphics, writing, and more. The courses are clean and wholesome, with no objectionable content. That's getting harder to come by in today's world.

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Note that the listed prices are for use within a single family. If you'd like to use a course for multiple students in a homeschool group or co-op, please contact me with the number of students, and I'll provide a discount code for each member of the class.

Self-Paced, Online Video Courses for Homeschoolers

  • Learn to write creative fiction with the author of the Sonrise Stable series.

  • Learn vector graphics with Inkscape in this detailed, thorough video course while creating fun projects.

  • Learn Computer Graphics with the FREE GIMP software. Fun, project-based course for the entire family. 

  • Learn computer programming concepts and logics using python 3. Project-based with programming solutions videos.

  • Learn LibreOffice Writer, the powerful, full-featured, FREE alternative to Microsoft Word.

  • SmartEdit Writer - FREE Windows writing software - to organize and improve the efficiency of your writing!