Homeschool Computer Courses

Tired of paying ongoing fees to use computer software? LibreOffice Writer is a powerful, full-featured, free alternative to Microsoft Word. It's a program I personally use on a daily basis. Learn how to use LibreOffice Writer in this latest course from Homeschool Spark.

The Python Programming pt. 1 course covers all the concepts I taught for the semester-long introductory programming course at Landry Academy. It uses the popular programming language, python, which is perfect for introducing students to programming with a traditional text-based programming language.

GIMP is the first in a series of graphics courses I have planned. Additional courses will include: Inkscape, Graphic Design Elements and Principles, and Graphic Design Projects.

Learn the U.S. Presidents - a FREE program for Windows computers. This is the first in a line of educational software I hope to create.

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