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Sonrise Stable Writing Lessons - Fiction Writing Course

—Excerpts from Old Schoolhouse Magazine by Heidi Mosher

No additional components (not even a love of horses) are required to complete or use this product. The course can be obtained through Homeschool Spark for $49. Users should expect an unbelievable look into the entire process of book writing from a teacher who has accomplished self-publishing an entire series.

I enjoyed using this curriculum in my homeschool with my 12-year-old daughter. She likes horses, and we both enjoy writing. The opportunity to review this program has offered a refreshing break from our regular writing curriculum. We typically watch one or two of the lessons per day, about three or four times per week. Since I enjoy learning about writing, I choose to watch most lessons with my daughter. Lessons are typically under ten minutes each. We sometimes watch two in one sitting. Occasionally my daughter asks to watch a lesson on her own if I am unavailable. The content is so good that I do my best to soak in most of the lessons with her.

I am typically not drawn to an online curriculum but listening to an author (especially a former homeschooling mom) explain how to write a book worked perfectly for this format. We have been using the product for about two months and are about halfway through the lessons. We will continue using this instead of the writing curriculum I had planned for this year simply because Vicki Watson's curriculum is so much richer.

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—Ellie, 6th grade student

I loved the Sonrise Stable Writing Lessons! I used to write quick, not very good stories, but now I am a plotter, not a panster, as it says in the lessons. Instead of writing stories start to finish not usually knowing the ending until I got there, I can lay out my ideas and write longer, better stories. Let me tell you, it works alot better.

The last few classes were about grammar and publishing (websites) which I don't really need right now (I'm in 6th grade) but I know it will be really useful in the future.

At school we learn about writing, but not as in depth and fun as these! It works for all ages and kept my attention. The online portal was really easy to use and I always looked forward to doing it. I learned a whole lot more about writing then I probably would've ever if I didn't to the lessons.

Mrs. Watson was very funy and I loved all the little pictures throughout the class. If I could, I would not change anything about the class. I really loved this class, and if you take it I'm sure you'll love it too!

P.S. If you have not already, check out her books. They're really good!

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Black Beauty Interactive

—Belle, Age 13, 8th grade

I think that this was an excellent course. It helped me a lot with some of the words I didn’t know, and old traditions. It also helped teach me a whole lot more about horses in general, which I loved. The only thing I would say is that make sure you do this course all at once. If you pause and then come back to it in a month, you will forget what is happening. Over all, this takes a popular, beautiful story and helps you understand and appreciate it more. Would highly recommend.

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