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“Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire.”

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misty of chincoteague quiz

Misty of Chincoteague Quiz

Test your knowledge of the popular novel, Misty of Chincoteague, by taking this self-correcting, online quiz.


black beauty interactive video course

Black Beauty Interactive Video Course for Anna Sewell's Classic Novel

Anna Sewell's classic, Black Beauty, written nearly 150 years ago, still has many lessons to teach us today. Learn about horses, Victorian England, as well as the author and her Christian beliefs in this interactive course on the best-selling book.


fiction writing video course

Fiction Writing Course for Homeschoolers and Other Aspiring Authors

I've heard it said that anyone can sing. I believe the same is true for creative writing. Everyone has a unique story only they can tell. I've included my insights gained from writing the Sonrise Stable series in this creative writing course.


What is the Best Graphics Software for Windows and Mac Computers?

Computer graphics programs are created to work with particular types of images, so the "best" software depends on what type of images you’re working with and what you want to do with them.


GIMP graphics video course

GIMP Graphics Course

This is a fun course that the entire family can participate in. There are many projects that use the skills developed in the course. The skills learned using GIMP will easily transfer to other computer software such as Photoshop. 


microsoft word alternatives

Free Microsoft Word Alternatives

There are many computer programs that read and save word processing files in the docx format used by Microsoft Word. If you don't want to use Word, take a look at these alternatives.


inkscape tutorials and training

Master Inkscape's Vector Graphics

I think this is the most comprehensive Inkscape course currently available. It not only teaches you the tools and functionality of the software, but also provides a variety of interesting graphics projects to solidify the skills you'll learn.


greatest artist of all time

The Greatest Artist of All Time

This isn't a post so much about technology as about creativity - and its ultimate source. My goal, through the Homeschool Spark courses, is to equip students with the knowledge and skills to use computers in positive and creative ways.


Best Novel Writing Software

Over the years, I've done my share of home repair and remodeling. I learned how much easier the proper tools can make that work. In my computer work, I'm always on the search for programs that will make my work easier and more productive.


Christian Computing

Christian computing? What does that even mean? Are the Homeschool Spark courses Bible courses? No, but my video courses on various topics are wholesome, family-friendly, and God-honoring. As a Christian, I believe all that I do should honor God.


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