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Fiction Writing Course for Homeschoolers and Other Aspiring Authors

fiction writing video course

I've heard it said that anyone can sing. I believe the same is true for creative writing. Everyone has a unique story only they can tell.

I began writing my Sonrise Stable series of horse books for children in 2008. I learned so much on that writing and self-publishing journey, that I wanted to include my insights in a creative or fiction writing course.

As with all the Homeschool Spark courses, this video course is family-friendly.

  • Full of wholesome content and writing examples
  • I include many encouraging and inspiring quotes from other authors
  • Computers have revolutionized the writing process. I cover some of the best software tools that help make the writing process easier.
  • The course is useful for any type of fiction writing, but I also have a section devoted to writing Christian fiction.
  • The lessons are suitable for a wide range of ages (junior high to adult) and learning styles.
  • Comprehensive coverage of: writing ideas, story structure, character development, other story building blocks, editing and revising, and an overview of the self publishing process

The course covers fiction writing. The instruction could be applied to short stories or novels. Poetry and other styles of creative writing are not addressed.

Obviously, horses are what I know and love, but this course isn't designed to teach you to write horse stories. I encourage you to write about the subjects you love. Creative writing should be fun. I think it will be when you begin writing the stories you're passionate about.

View the complete details of the course and view sample videos on the Writing Lessons course page.

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