Computer Software Course Lineup August 2018

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Tired of paying ongoing fees to use computer software? LibreOffice Writer is a powerful, full-featured, free alternative to Microsoft Word. It's a program I personally use on a daily basis. Learn how to use LibreOffice Writer in this course from Homeschool Spark.

Here's another course on a free writing program (Windows only) - SmartEdit Writer. This is a great program, that I've found many uses for - from writing my Sonrise Stable series to developing the video courses for this site. I think many homeschool families will find SmartEdit Writer easy to learn and quite useful!

The Python Programming pt. 1 course covers all the concepts I taught for the semester-long introductory programming course at Landry Academy. It uses the popular programming language, python, which is perfect for introducing students to programming with a traditional text-based programming language. While introductory python programming won't have all the exciting bells and whistles of visual programming languages like Scratch, this course will provide a strong foundation in programming logic and concepts. Students will be prepared to go further with python or easily switch to another programming language as the fundamental concepts are the same in nearly all computer programming languages.

GIMP is the first in a series of graphics courses I have planned. This is a fun course that nearly the entire family can be involved in. There are many projects/assignments that use the skills developed in the course. And, the skills learned using the GIMP software will easily transfer to other computer software such as Photoshop. With GIMP, you can get started without the high price tag that comes along with Photoshop. Additional courses planned for the graphics series include: Inkscape, Graphic Design Elements and Principles, and Graphic Design Projects.

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