Introductory Python Programming

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$30 includes the set of 55 videos (40 instructional and 15 program assignment solutions).  A pdf file listing video topics with a session completion checklist, and an assignment summary pdf are also provided. 

For a more interactive experience, you may choose to purchase the option for assignment submission and feedback. This is available after you purchase the basic course. Letter grades or scores are not given for assignments. The feedback will be in the form of praise for aspects of the assignment done well, constructive criticism, and suggestions for improvement. 

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Learn computer programming using python with this detailed, instructional video course. Python is becoming one of the most popular programming languages for high school and college introductory programming classes. Its simple syntax and streamlined editing environment make it one of the easiest languages for aspiring programmers to begin with. Python is a traditional, text-based language that runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Raspberry Pi systems. 

* Windows computers must use a more recent operating system than xp.

No previous programming knowledge is required on the part of the student or the parents. Students will be introduced gradually to each of the "tools" of the python language through 40 detailed, instructional videos. At the end of each session, I include a skills summary - a list of topics and techniques the student should be familiar with from that lesson.

When there is a programming assignment, I will demo the operation of that program after giving the assignment. The course includes 15 programming assignments. Fifteen additional videos are provided that walk the students through the solutions, explaining the programming code used for each assignment. These should only be viewed after the student has written their own program for the assignment.

The basic concepts and structures of any programming language are quite similar so everything learned in this course will make learning any other programming language much easier. 

You may use the course for your entire family, just don't share it with others. The suggested age range is 12 to 14 and up.

If you want something easy and entertaining, this python course won't be what you're looking for. All the programs in this course are text-based. No graphics are involved. The focus is on learning programming logic and control structures.

Scratch is a great visual, drag and drop language that makes it easy to introduce younger students to programming concepts. I will be adding a course for Scratch as soon as the new version 3 is finalized. Scratch can only take students so far though - and can actually cause students to develop inefficient coding habits. It is definitely fun though! :) 

My plan is to develop a programming course that includes graphics, along with a text-based language. Python will likely be a prerequisite for that course. More details later...