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Lesson 12. Conflict, Tension, Suspense, Unpredictability - Keeping the Reader Interested

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I'm still creating this course. 44 of the estimated 60 videos are available now. While I'm completing the course, I will offer it at 50% off. Use the code SSFICPREVIEW when purchasing the course to receive the discount. I'm far enough along at this point that I'll be able to keep ahead of those enrolling in the course. You'll always have access to the full content of the course even after the price increases.

When the course is fully uploaded, the price will go to $39. This includes the complete course, containing all the videos and associated pdf files. The basic price does not include any evaluation of assignments. I'm considering offering that as an optional addon in the future, also the ability to post students' work in a gallery of some sort.

* The course won't be available on USB until everything is finished.

There are other fiction writing courses for homeschoolers that are hundreds of dollars. Does the price of this course mean it is lower in quality? 

As the developer of the course, I don't think so. :) There's a lot of information packed into this course. I was a homeschool mom myself (for 17 years). I understand that sometimes finances are tight. I hope to keep all my courses reasonably priced to help the homeschool community.

Here's a screen capture of the link you need to click (circled) to enter the discount code. This is on the Podia (course platform) website. I don't know why they make the link so small and un-obvious. :(


Sonrise Stable Fiction Writing Course Course Details, Registration, and Login

Course Description

Write what you love, and you'll love to write!

I enjoy writing and have had this course in the back of my mind for a long time. I hope to encourage and inform aspiring fiction writers by passing on information and techniques I've learned over the past nearly fifteen years while writing and self-publishing my Sonrise Stable series of books.

Although my books are Christian and about horses, good writing techniques are the same regardless of what you're writing about. I won't be forcing anyone to write about horses. In fact, I encourage students to write about what they love! 

What makes my course unique?

  • Wholesome and family friendly content! I can't count how many times I've seen vulgar things held up as examples of good writing in books/courses I've studied in my own writing journey. You'll find none of that in this course.
  • Examples are taken from my own books or wholesome fiction such as Black Beauty, Anne of Green Gables, A Christmas Carol, Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn, and The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe.
  • Video lessons begin with where to get ideas for a book or story and go all the way to how to self publish it.
  • Encouraging and inspiring quotes from other authors reinforce the lessons.
  • Students may approach the course in a variety of ways - whatever suits your learning style and current writing ability.

Age Level: Jr. High to Adult.

Take a look at the sample videos and the course outline below to get an idea of what the course contains.

Course Overview
In this section, learn about the course approach, "secrets" to great writing, good writing habits, suggestions for writing software, and a big, long list of story ideas for your next project.
01 - Intro & Overview
02 - Course Approach
03 - Secrets to Great Writing
04 - Writing Approaches and Routines
05 - Writing Software
06 - Story Ideas

Story Elements
In this section, we'll jump right in to the basic story elements you'll use to build your story.
07-Person and Tense
08-Character Profiles
09-Describing Characters
10-Character Arc
11-Plot and Story Arc
12-Conflict Tension
13-Physical Setting and Time Period
14-Preliminary Story Overview
15-First draft

Nuts and Bolts
Learn some of the more nitty, gritty details of the writing process.
16-Sentences and Basic Grammar
17-First Sentences
20-Chapters/First Chapter
21-Vocabulary and Word Choice
22-Potential POV Issues
23-Realistic Dialog

The Bigger Picture
Use these more advanced techniques to sharpen your writing.
24-Show Don’t Tell
25-Balanced Pacing
26-When to Use Backstory
27-Is Your Story Believable?
28-Demystifying Foreshadowing
29-What Makes a Good Ending?
30-Three Sonrise Stable Endings
31-Adding a Little Humor

Feedback, Revisions, and Editing
Once the first draft is complete, the fun begins. In this phase, you'll fine-tune and polish your writing.
32-First Draft Completion Checklist
33-My Editing and Revision Process
34-Critiques - Learn to Appreciate Them!
35-Finding Critiquers
36-A Sample Critique Using Track Changes
37-How Track Changes Works
38-Types of Edits, Sources/Prices for Human Editors

Software Tools for Editing
39-Software That Reads to You
40-SmartEdit Writer Basic Edit Checks
41-Pro Writing Aid
42-Other Grammar Checking Programs

Audience Considerations
Some things to think about when writing Christian fiction, series writing, and writing for children.
43-Christian writer or Christian who writes?
44-Christian Considerations
45-Writing for children
46-Series Considerations

Self Publishing
Learning everything about self-publishing would take a course in itself, but these insights and tips will steer you in the right direction.
47-Famous Rejected Books
48-When to Consider Yourself an Author
49-Self Publishing
51-Sales Expectations
52-Book/Author website

54-Resource List