Forever Words Scripture Memorization

I've recently had the desire to memorize more Scripture, so I decided to write a program to help me with that.

It's called Forever Words, and I'd like to share it with you. 

If you like the software, feel free to share it with others. I think you'll find it easy to use, and there are multiple videos explaining each aspect of the program. 

The program includes:

  • Memorization Activity - The memorization activity is simple and may be adjusted for varying levels of difficulty. The phrases of a passage will be displayed in random order. All you need to do is put them back together again to recreate the verse or passage. You may use the mouse or cursor keys - no need to type out the words, although you may enter the first letter of a word or phrase to quickly select it.
  • Verse Images - When you complete the memorization activity for a verse, an image associated with that verse is displayed. You can customize each verse with your own images or use the supplied graphics.
  • Spoken Verses - Forever Words uses Windows text to speech capabilities, allowing you to listen to your verses.
  • Verse Report - Print a list of verses with or without the accompanying images.
  • Custom Groups & Translations - Groups are used to categorize content or to allow the program to be used by multiple users (alternately, you can just create a separate installation of the software for each user). Use any translation you prefer - or several different ones if you'd like.
  • Sample Verses - 85 sample verses are provided to get you started, however you may enter as many additional ones as desired. There are three separate starter files providing the verses in the KJV, NKJV, or ESV translations. Pick one of those to start, but you're not limited to a single translation within your data file.
  • No Internet Required - Once you've downloaded and installed the software, no internet connection is required.

Software Price and Requirements

Forever Words is FREE.

Requirements: Windows only

Download the Windows install file

Save the file installforeverwords.exe to a folder on your computer, then dbl-click it to run the installation. You'll have the option of placing an icon on your desktop to run the program.

If you need further help, check out the installation and instructional videos linked below.

If you're curious what I used to create Forever Words, it was developed with a program called VisualNeo Win. It's not widely known, but is one of the most powerful software development tools - that's also easy to use! 

Forever Words Scripture Memorization Screenshots

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  • Forever Words Scripture memorization activity
  • Forever Words edit screen
  • Forever Words print verses
  • Forever Words master verse list