Learn the U.S. Presidents

I'm not sure why, but I've always had a strange desire to learn the U.S. presidents in order. I developed this program to help me do that.

However, you don't have to share my obsession with memorizing the presidents to benefit from the software. Using Learn the U.S. Presidents can benefit anyone who studies American History. The program includes all presidents from George Washington to Donald Trump.

The program consists of three activities.

  • Overview/Timeline - Hover over the image of any president to view the president's name. Click the Wars and Inventions buttons to toggle timelines.
  • Biographical Information - View a larger image of the president as well as brief biographical information.
  • Presidential Order - In this activity, drag the displayed president and drop it onto the number that correctly indicates his presidential order. If you're stumped, click the Help button and the president's name and number will be briefly displayed. This activity is timed. My best time so far is 2:06.


Software Price and Requirements

This program is FREE.

Requirements: Windows only

Download the Windows install file

Save the file setup-uspresidents.exe to a folder on your computer, then dbl-click it to run the installation. It will place an icon on your desktop to run the program. It also creates an uninstall routine if you decide you want to remove it later.

Learn the U.S. Presidents Screenshots

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