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Student Feedback on the Computer Courses

Below are student comments from students in my computer classes at Landry Academy. To the right are comments for adult-level web development courses I created for

student feedback on computer video courses

“Excellent course and delivery by Ms. Watson! I went through the beginner course and then this intermediate course and feel well prepared now. I do have some 40 years of computer design experience along with about a dozen languages already but, this Joomla training was well thought out, designed and delivered! I have many years of training experience from user to developer and I can tell you this is a top shelf solution for on-line training and you all should be proud!”
- member

Just wanted to offer my thanks for your online courses at OSTraining. Your How to Design Joomla 3 Templates course really helped me. Facing the task of creating a new site for my organization, I searched for and downloaded an endless number of templates. Despite my attempts to customize them, I was never satisfied with the results. I bemoaned (to anyone who would listen), "Gee, I wish I could just create a template of my own, from scratch." But I figured I needed to be a PHP genius to do so, and that the Joomla framework was far too complicated to learn.

However, your course so brilliantly walks the student through the entire process. I found the pace to be excellent, and your explanations and descriptions completely clear. I liked that you sometimes let the student run into a problem, because watching you troubleshoot the problem was so helpful. (I had ignored Google Chrome's 'Inspect' command forever - now I use it all the time!) Now I have a site that has exactly the module positions that I needed, and (more importantly) I know how to add/delete/modify those as our future needs change.

So a big thank you for your expertise and excellent videos - please count me as a fan!
- member

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