How To Sign Up For a Course

Thanks for your interest in Homeschool Spark. I believe self-paced video courses are a highly effective way to learn! Through these courses, I make complex topics understandable.

The courses are set up on an elearning/course delivery platform that consolidates everything in one location - payments, videos, file uploads/downloads, and the ability to communication with me.

This site will remain as the main hub of Homeschool Spark, but the courses will be viewed on another site. The course delivery site is called CourseCraft.

I'm excited about this new setup and the possibilities it offers to make the courses even more efficient and effective.

The videos explain how to sign up, view the course videos, and add the option to receive feedback on assignments. There is also an affiliate program available which allows you to earn money by sharing your affiliate course links with others.

Signing Up for a Course

Adding the Optional Assignment Feedback/Review