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Black Beauty Interactive

Learn about horses, life in Victorian England, the author Anna Sewell, and her Christian beliefs in this interactive course on the best-selling book, Black Beauty.

For each chapter of the book, the course provides a video pairing the text with an audio version of the chapter (read in a nice British accent). Students may "read" the book this way or may use any unabridged copy of Black Beauty. In addition, there are commentary videos for each chapter as well as self-correcting online and print quizzes.

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  • 49 Chapters, each with the audio text
  • 49+ Commentary videos (some chapters have more than one commentary video)
  • Suggested Approach and Course Checklist (PDF)
  • 23 Self-correcting online quizzes (one every 2 or 3 chapters)
  • 23 Downloadable print versions of those quizzes
  • PDF containing 70 questions that may be used for discussion or writing 
  • Brief biography of Anna Sewell (PDF)
  • Various notes and charts on the book


Course Details

For each chapter of the book, I'll provide comments and explanations for anything that may be unclear to modern readers, especially expanding on the horse information and practices of Sewell's time, as well as Scriptural principles and applications.

Ages: Although considered a children's book today, Black Beauty was not written to children. Anna Sewell wrote the book for those who worked with and used horses, in order to promote the kind treatment and responsible care of the animals.

There's absolutely nothing immoral in the book, but it does include the abuse of horses and the death of 2 men and a few horses (Black Beauty has a happy ending). I'd guess an age of about 11 or 12 and up would generally be suitable based on individual sensitivity to those things. Sewell addresses the problem of alcohol abuse and drunkenness as well. 

If you don't have a print copy of Black Beauty, this edition illustrated by Christian Birmingham is the most beautiful one I've seen.


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