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Word Processing with the Free Program LibreOffice Writer

Nearly everyone that uses a computer has a need for word processing software. Why pay for expensive software when there's a full-featured, free alternative like Libre Writer? The LibreOffice suite contains programs for word processing, database, spreadsheet, and presentations. This course focuses solely on the word processing component, Writer.

While Writer is a powerful and capable word processor, the documentation for using it is sketchy at best. In this course, I explain how to use the most common features so you don't have to wade through the confusing manual.

I'm the author of the Sonrise Stable series of horse books for children. LibreOffice Writer is one program that I used in my workflow for creating those books. When I participated in online writers groups, I saved my files from LibreOffice Writer in Microsoft Word's docx format and submitted them to the group for critiquing. Using Libre Office, I was also able to read files from group members who used Word. The exchange works flawlessly with LibreOffice Writer.

If you're looking for a free, full-featured word processing program, check out LibreOffice Writer.

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I haven't had the time to update the course, so it's a few versions behind the current version of Libre Writer. I would guess that much of the course is still valid though. These open source programs don't tend to change dramatically across versions, so much or perhaps all of the course may still be relevant.

Course Details

  • 50 instructional videos
  • A set of sample files to use with designated lessons
  • A PDF file listing video topics with a session completion checklist

Course Requirements: Basic typing skills and some familiarity with computer software is all that is required.

The software is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers and may be downloaded free. You have to install the entire suite. You can't install Writer by itself.

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